What We’ve Been Up To

For those of you interested in our adventure, here’s a condensed update:

  • We opened a store on Ebay, and we’ve been so busy designing product ads, making sales, shipping packages, and reordering product that we almost haven’t had time to do anything else.  The Ebay selling platform is actually quite amazing, and we’ve really had our hands full keeping up.
  • We’ve negotiated pricing with several overseas vendors on a handful of different products.  This has led us to learn about genuine “shipping,” and we’re expecting to visit the port in Tampa soon when our SHIP-ment arrives.  I think we’re gonna need a bigger truck soon.
  • We’ve negotiated a bulk purchase agreement with a major solar panel manufacturer whereby we buy up front in bulk, and the manufacturer ships directly to our customers to help minimize shipping costs for everyone in the chain.
  • We’re seeking industrial space in the St Petersburg, FL area.

That’s it for now.  Gotta run.  We are continuing to fill out our product offerings, and we’ll be photographing/documenting several helpful projects in the next few weeks.