We Completed the Website Move

We recently announced a halt to our website development plans until we could move the domain to a new hosting environment.

That is now complete.  After spinning up a virtual Linux machine at Digital Ocean we locked it down, built out the infrastructure, and relaunched the site.  If you decide to open an account at Digital Ocean, please use our referral link here: Digital Ocean New Account Credit. It will provide you with a $10 credit, and eventually it will put a few credits toward our costs as well.

When we originally launched our site on Godaddy, we were on an overcrowded shared server with only basic user functionality.  On one of our visits to the site via SSH, we noticed that we could get into the files of a few hundred thousand other websites.  That stopped us in our tracks, and we immediately set out to rebuild somewhere else.  Of course we called Godaddy support and told them about the security hole, but they were too arrogant to even listen to what we were telling them.  After the third phone call, we just gave up and stopped trying to help them.

Digital Ocean provides an excellent cloud environment for spinning up a machine, and building it out as you like.  We’ve used Amazon AWS before, but Digital Ocean is much more user-friendly, and globally robust. We’ve launched a primary server in New York City, and a development server in Toronto.  Yeah, we wanted a patch of turf outside CONUS to store our stuff, and Canada has been looking pretty solid lately.

So we’re now in complete control of the plumbing and intricacies of our site.  We’ll be writing a short project piece on our experience that we expect will help a lot of people looking to do what we’ve done.  There’s a lot of bad information out there, and we took copious notes as we forged a tight, clean, security-first platform.