Links for the DPS 5005 and 5020 Power Supplies

We use the DPS 5005 and 5020 power supplies from RD Technology in numerous jobs and projects. We’ve had several running constantly for well over a year managing lithium battery charging directly from solar panels. Below are a few links we hope you find useful regarding the units.

This first video is by the manufacturer showing the performance of the 5020 model:

And another one from a maker:

Below is another video from the manufacturer outlining the communication functions.

Video from RD Technology on Youtube showing the COMS features

If you received this link from our packing slip, you can always use the contact info on the slip to reach us. We’re willing to help makers like you get your projects going.

We personally don’t use the communication versions of these power supplies. The code provided by the manufacturer is compiled for Windows, and there is an app in the Google Store. We don’t use Microsoft Windows, and we don’t use most apps on our phones due to security restrictions. However, we provide the manufacturer’s link to their communications module code below.

We are a bit edgy about downloading any compiled code to our machines, and you should be too. If you insist on using the communications version of these power supplies, we insist that you take the entire package before you unzip it, and upload it to Virus Total. Virus Total is a collaboration between Google and all the big antivirus software companies. They will scan anything you upload to them, and give you a full report. The link to Virus Total is here: