Schneider Electric

August 19, 2019. With falling stock prices in Europe, it is a great time to be shopping for discounts.

As for the biggies, we’ve already mentioned Siemens (See our article on GE). But if you want to really own a global industrial that is paving the way in renewable energy, you absolutely must start buying shares of Schneider Electric. It is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange, but American investors may purchase the ADR in our domestic OTC market. The ticker symbol of the ADR that trades here in the States is SBGSY.

Do your homework, and go out and buy a few shares of this one. This is the kind of company that GE will eventually want to take over when it finally realizes it needs to get more interested in renewable energy.

As an added benefit, Schneider is an investor in all sorts of small, private ventures that the average retail investor will never get a shot at owning. So in a way, owning Schneider Electric is like making an investment in a powerhouse industrial company that happens to have characteristics that make it look like a venture capital fund as well – without having to pay the exorbitant management fees. Schneider Electric. Get to it. We are buying the ADR below $17/share.

And here is a link to the Citibank ADR Department’s recent PDF describing the ADR in more detail along with info on the annual dividend.