Busy Bees

We’ve been under an almost overwhelming volume of activity the last month, and it has caused us to retrench a bit from our daily upkeep of the website.

First, we’ve killed our storefront here at Gridvision.net. All sales are going through our eBay and Amazon channel at this point. Dueling inventory code was just not something we have time to write at present. We’ve entered the Global Shipping program of eBay, and we’ve already begun making sales around the globe. Our most active non-continental US areas are Australia, Italy and Puerto Rico. Hawaii has been strong as well. We’ve also entered into a deal with a large US supplier of lithium-based cells, and we’re about to begin offering these at excellent prices through our eBay channel. This will complement our existing manufacturer relationships, and allow us to offer an entire array of chemistries and sizes.

We’ve teamed up to start a new entity that has just now been awarded a Patent Pending on a production process for Graphene Nanoribbons. We are actively looking for a suitable lab environment and partner to prove and refine the manufacturing process. Our new entity is General Graphene Technology, Inc.

Over and Out.

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