“Gas, Gas, Gas”

You veterans out there know those three words well, and I know you’ll never forget your date with the gas chamber back in basic. Ah, the memories….

We build equipment for international journalists, and we were recently asked about protection from CS Gas (“riot gas”). Note that CS attacks anything wet on the body such as eyes, nose, and mouth.)

There’s a lot of misinformation out there regarding gas masks, respirators, and all the various filter cartridges. The CDC/NIOSH and OSHA are the place to get correct info, and below is a summary of what you will find there.

CS Gas is considered an “organic vapor.” Suitable respirator cartridges should be mated to a particulate filter of at least N95 grade. Filter ratings are N: not resistant to oil, R: resistant to oil, and P: oil-Proof. P is the best rating.

Suitable cartridges for CS Gas include the following:

  • 6001 Organic Vapor -Black
  • 6003 Organic Vapor / Acid Gas – Yellow
  • 6005 Formaldehyde / Organic Vapor – Olive/Black
  • 6006 Multi-vapor – Olive

Filters and cartridges can expire even without use, and they should be replaced regularly. Store cartridges in their sealed plastic packaging until needed.

We recommend an appropriate gas cartridge paired up with a replaceable particulate filter. Proper fit of headgear is also important. Whiskers or beards will prevent a proper seal/fit.

Just because you have a mask/respirator does NOT mean you are safe from harmful vapors. Move and communicate. Don’t stick around unless you understand and accept the consequences.

OSHA color codes


Check out LIM – The Linux Industrial Machine®

LIM – The Linux Industrial Machine®

We’ve just listed our first industrial computer in the Engineering Shop. Check it out here.

LIM is a small-form-factor powerhouse of a computer. Totally quiet. No moving parts, so mount it in any geometry. If you don’t have Linux desktop in your life, you’re about to. Check it out, and let us know what you think.

12S 36V 35A LiFePO4 BMS Units Now in Stock.

Those of you who build batteries know how difficult it can be to find a quality source of BMS units.  We’ve gone through boxes of them ….

Our requirements included all the basic protections, plus we wanted a thermal shutdown by way of an attached thermistor.  We also needed our optimal unit to perform cell balancing, and we needed it to be able to handle a true 35 amp continuous output current.

We’ve settled on a vendor for our 12S 35A LifePO4 needs, and we’ve been so impressed with them, we are now adding them to our product offerings.  You can check them out here.  Feel free to call us if you have any questions or concerns before adding them into your own projects.

Industrial Space and Hack Prevention

A lot going on here at Grid Vision.  We’ve rented industrial space to warehouse our growing inventory, and to expand our battery-building activity.

We’ve also gone through a series of website security upgrades.  Every web admin should look at what the folks at Nginx and ModSecurity have put together, and use the combined tools to tighten up.  We’re averaging about 75 login attempts per hour into our systems, with an occasional “advanced” attempt to crack things.

We’ve been busy with admin and plumbing tasks, but we will be getting into writing up a few projects for everyone to follow soon.

We will soon be offering NEW 18650 Li-ion and 26650 LiFePO4 cells here in our store. 

Global Trade

In grad school I took a few courses dealing with global trade, the World Trade Organization, and other, at the time, mundane topics.

Today, as I work with a customs broker to complete an import form required by US Customs, I find myself reading the Official Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States International Trade Commission to identify the exact codes I need to determine the tariffs I will be required to pay, while also learning about various satellite tracking options I have to watch my shipments move across the seas.

It’s actually quite fascinating to jump into the global trade business, and move from rote classroom theory into real-world, hands-on applications.  In some nostalgic way, I sense the excitement early traders must have felt as they navigated all the obstacles and opportunities associated with global trade.