Troubleshooting Your Pack and BMS

We receive about 200 emails per day from people who are trying to build a lithium-based battery pack, and have run into some sort of problem. As a global seller of BMS units, we often hear complaints that the BMS isn’t working properly.

Well let me tell you something. We test every unit before it leaves our shop so that we can shoot down the idea that the BMS isn’t working properly. We do that for you the builder, and also for us. If you can focus on your build knowing that the BMS isn’t the source of your problem, you are going to find the actual problem much faster than blaming failure on the complicated, mysterious BMS unit.

So here you go: Our notes on how to troubleshoot the bug in your build:

You’re welcome!

“Gas, Gas, Gas”

You veterans out there know those three words well, and I know you’ll never forget your date with the gas chamber back in basic. Ah, the memories….

We build equipment for international journalists, and we were recently asked about protection from CS Gas (“riot gas”). Note that CS attacks anything wet on the body such as eyes, nose, and mouth.)

There’s a lot of misinformation out there regarding gas masks, respirators, and all the various filter cartridges. The CDC/NIOSH and OSHA are the place to get correct info, and below is a summary of what you will find there.

CS Gas is considered an “organic vapor.” Suitable respirator cartridges should be mated to a particulate filter of at least N95 grade. Filter ratings are N: not resistant to oil, R: resistant to oil, and P: oil-Proof. P is the best rating.

Suitable cartridges for CS Gas include the following:

  • 6001 Organic Vapor -Black
  • 6003 Organic Vapor / Acid Gas – Yellow
  • 6005 Formaldehyde / Organic Vapor – Olive/Black
  • 6006 Multi-vapor – Olive

Filters and cartridges can expire even without use, and they should be replaced regularly. Store cartridges in their sealed plastic packaging until needed.

We recommend an appropriate gas cartridge paired up with a replaceable particulate filter. Proper fit of headgear is also important. Whiskers or beards will prevent a proper seal/fit.

Just because you have a mask/respirator does NOT mean you are safe from harmful vapors. Move and communicate. Don’t stick around unless you understand and accept the consequences.

OSHA color codes