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Are you experimenting with solar power and lithium battery technology? Do you like the idea of having power even when the neighborhood grid is down? Perhaps you are building an electric skateboard, motorcycle, or other electric vehicle, or you’ve started a business to capitalize on this fast-growing field or need help sourcing high-quality cells and components.

If you are smart, intellectually curious, respectful of and comfortable working with dangerous things, and interested in having electricity even when the power grid is down, perhaps this site is for you. 

We sell high-quality lithium cells and related components. If you are a new business, we may be able to help you grow. We partner with and invest in good people with good ideas.

Our Feeble Power Grid is Providing Investment opportunities of a lifetime

Were you in the Northeast during the multi-day blackout of 2003

I was in downtown New York City, walking across the West Side Highway between the World Trade Center and where the new Goldman Sachs Building now stands.  It was mid-afternoon when all the traffic lights went out.  I didn’t know it at the time, but in fact, all the lights went out.  All of them. Across multiple states throughout the Northeast.

The power stayed off for several days in Manhattan.   It was spooky, and a bit unsettling.  Fortunately in my neighborhood, most people continued to be good citizens, and we didn’t have any looting or unusual spikes in crime.

The current electrical grid is so old and messy, and such a gigantic target for state-level hackers, everyone should understand what their options are, and start thinking about power alternatives.

But people should also start understanding the life-changing business opportunities all around us.  This field is just complicated enough to keep the masses out, but just simple enough to make it accessible for anyone wanting to learn and experiment  – and subsequently change the world.

We see a revolution taking place in the business of producing, storing, and using energy. It’s got some of the super-wealthy, cranky old men fidgeting in their chairs, but it has people like you researching, experimenting, building, and moving forward. You are part of a wave, and there is no stopping it.

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Think, learn, make things, and invest in good ideas.