Bollinger B1 All Electric 4 Wheel Drive

All-Electric 4WD from Bollinger Motors

Here at Grid Vision we love our Jeeps, but the “B1” all-electric 4WD from Bollinger Motors has our full attention.  Production is scheduled to begin in 2019/2020, and we’ve already signed up to buy one when they become available.

The DIY community has been swapping out gas engines and replacing with electric motors for quite some time, and companies like Tesla are making their mark with all-electric offerings.  But for off-road enthusiasts and beefy truck and Jeep lovers, the E-news has been thin.  Jeep plans on having an all-electric Wrangler on the road in 2022, and that is certainly the right direction, but by then, I will still be enjoying the new car smell of my electric B1 with an electric sports car filling my other parking spot.  By the time E-Wrangler comes to market, I will still be several years out from spending any more money on another automobile.  I just hope the window is still ripe for gas Wranglers when I decide to sell mine.  I’m counting on there being someone slow to the party, and still willing to pay for a gas-powered 4-wheel drive when Bollinger is on the road and with Jeep Wrangler shouting about eventually getting there themselves.  I hate to use the word “sucker,” but I already know E-vehicle owners say it under their breath when they finally sell their last gas guzzler to someone still willing to buy them.

So back to the B1:

No more issue transporting those long I-Beams!

Any stereotype about electric vehicles and their owners is about to get upended when this thing rolls off the production line, and you can bet that if one ever breaks down on the road, the gas and diesel boys aren’t likely to stop and help out.  Well, the good ones will, and the intellectually curious ones will, but you know there are going to be those angry, sensitive types that will never figure things out.

Jeeps and big trucks drink fuel like fraternity brothers drink alcohol.  If you want to make a ton of money, put together a conversion kit that makes it straightforward to swap out gas and diesel drive trains and refit with a powerful electric motor and battery pack.  The main bottleneck is the reality that one size doesn’t fit all.  The only way to have a successful conversion kit is to focus on a specific model and build the kit for that model.  Perhaps make the kit modular at the edges so a few modifications can make it fit into a long list of vehicles.  If you have ideas about doing this, and you want to speak to a potential investor, give us a shout.  We’re interested.  (And we know some investors).

Note: there is such a conversion-kit company out there now and we own a few shares, but we’re just not sold on their ability to succeed yet.  And there’s something a little less than clear about them from a financial reporting standpoint.  Anyway, go sign up for a B1, and just deal with selling your current clunker when the time comes.  You’ve still got time to work on your credit score, so get to it.

Full disclosure:  we are buyer # 17,867 on the B1 pre-production list, and that is a free option I’m more than willing to own. Not many options in life are ever free.  I digress….